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    Italo Disco History
    Italo Disco History

    What is Italo Disco? Read about the roots of Italo Disco sound in my article "An Unofficial Italo Disco History". Musicians, Deejays, music industry executives, collectors and fans have contributed information about Italo Disco's golden years.

    RYGAR link on Discogs

    New Release

    May 2012 - Space Sound Records SpaceSound records brings back the legends of space synth music, the sound originated by KOTO and further developed by Michiel Van der Kuy and Rob van Eijk. The fans of KOTO and Laserdance, unite! Here it is: RYGAR "Modulation". Read more ...

    This CD is produced by Marek Kolodynsky.

    To order this CD, visit Space Sound Records

    Browse Record Labels

    Browse Record Labels

    You will find here one of the largest databases of the 80's dance record labels; collectible vinyl and CDs of Italo, Euro, Electro & High Nrg 12", LPs with tracklist, artwork and credits.

      For Record Collectors
    See the details of FRISBEE - You Are Made For Me

    [Buy it at GEMM.com]

    ~You Are Made For Me

    Third Label 1985
    Arranged and produced by Luigi Macchiazzano

    More records from Third Label
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  • My Italo Hi Nrg Top 100

  • 1. Magic And Joy - PLEASURE & PAIN, Time Records ©1992

    2. Love Games - ROBERT CAMERO, Lombardoni Publ. ©1989

    3. Japanese Girl (nrg) / Mystery Girl (club Take) - 2-GET-HER, I Venti D`Azzurro Records ©1994

    4. Romance - DOCTOR LOVE, Asia ©1993

    5. I Need Your Love Tonight - PHIL & STAN, Time Records ©1992

    6. Show Me - WILSON FERGUSON, Euroenergy ©1989

    7. Dream Of Me - PHILIP, High Energy ©1989

    8. Set On Fire - TOPO & ROBY, Time Records ©1988

    9. Blue Eyes - IAN LEX, High Energy ©1989

    10. Lost In Paris - FRED VENTURA, Time Records ©1988

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