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    Italo Disco History
    Italo Disco History

    What is Italo Disco? Read about the roots of Italo Disco sound in my article "An Unofficial Italo Disco History". Musicians, Deejays, music industry executives, collectors and fans have contributed information about Italo Disco's golden years.

    The Italo X-Files

    A unique compilation of information about obscure Italian records, little known facts, real artists' names and much more!

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    See the details of PHILIP - Dream Of Me

    [Buy it at GEMM.com]

    ~Dream Of Me

    High Energy 1989

    More records from High Energy
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    1. Driving - SENSITIVE, GONG RECORDS ©1984
    2. I Wanna Fly Away - BLUE RUSSELL, Discomagic ©1984
    3. Nothing - BODY POWER, OUT RECORDS ©1986
    4. On And On (fears Keep On) - DECADANCE, PROTO RECORDS ©1983
    5. Flashing On The Floor - PRIMADONNA, Many Records ©1984
    6. Keep On Music - DANNY KEITH, Time Records ©1985
    7. Zero Gravity - BRUNO MOSTI, Poker ©1984
    8. You'll Never Change (theme From Flexxy Ball) - FLEXX, Hole Records ©1983
    9. Daydream - L.A. MESSINA, Discomagic ©1983
    10. Love In A Summer Night - BRAND IMAGE, Time Records ©1985
    11. Masterpiece - GAZEBO, Best Records ©1982
    12. Waiting For Heaven - DIVIACCHI, Discomagic ©1985
    13. Love's Emotions - GHERY M & OCEAN D, LCA RECORDS ©1984
    14. Lonely People / Nothin'ville - GRECOS, Fremus ©1983
    15. Forever - SUSANNE MEALS, Lombardoni Publ. ©1990
    16. I`ve Got Your Soul - MR ROCAMBOLE, HISS RECORDS ©1984
    17. Magic Carillon - ROSE, Discomagic ©1984
    18. I'm Gonna Dance - RYVON DJ, Poker ©1984
    19. Under The Ice - TOPO & ROBY, Il Discotto ©1984
    20. Love In Stereo - KRISTAL, DISCOMAGIC ©1985
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